Full Body Sprint Intervals

Dustin Myers, CSCS


A good old fashioned 1:3 work to rest ratio is one of my favorite interval templates for sprint work and circuit training.  When using a 15 second work station, the 45 seconds is just enough time to recover to explode thru another set.

I wanted to take this common interval set up used for treadmill sprints and turn it into a full body workout - complete with “sprints” and static hold positions for “recovery”.  Whether you are a wrestler, a crossfitter, or just a weekend warrior looking to improve your anaerobic threshold, you are going to love this one.

Warm Up:

Lunge - 20

Push Up - 20

Pull Up - 10

Interval Set Up:

4 stations, each one is performed for 1 minute, with the first 15 seconds being a “sprint”, and the last 45 being an isometric hold (or in the case of the Airdyne, actual recovery).  Transition from station to station as quickly (5-10 seconds) as possible.  Complete 5 rounds in roughly 20 minutes.

*note: Superman push ups are shown, but any plyometric variation (clap, etc.) will work.


Air dyne - 15 second MAX EFFORT sprint, 45 seconds recovery (arms only)

Pull Ups - 15 seconds speed Pulls, 45 seconds bar hang

Push ups - 15 seconds Plyos, 45 seconds 90 degree hold

Squats - 15 seconds Plyos, 45 seconds 90 degree hold

x 5 continuous rounds


Light bike 5-10 minutes

Foam Roll

Stretch Psoas (kneeling lunge)

Amino Recovery - 1-2 scoops in 20oz water