Fat Blasting Fitness Circuit 3

Dustin Myers


Dustin Myers is here today to bring to you the Fat Blasting Fitness Circuit Of The Week.  This weeks circuit starts out with 1 minute of jump rope then you will go right to heavy set of dumbbells for 10 shoulder presses.  Once you rep out your 10 presses you will go right back to the jump rope for another minute.  After you complete that you will go right back to the dumbbells and do curls for a set of 10 then back to the jump rope for a minute and finish off with 10 over head tricep extensions.  You are going to cycle through this 5 times.  This is going to give you a great upper body pump and also a good sweat.  Give this Fat Blasting Fitness Circuit a try and let us know what you think!


Fat Blasting Fitness Circuit 3:

1 minute Jump Rope

•10 DB Shoulder Press

1 minute Jump Rope

•10 DB Curls

1 minute Jump Rope

•10 Overhead Tricep Extension

X 5 rounds NO REST


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