Fat Blasting Fitness Circuit 2

Dustin Myers


Dustin Myers is back to bring to you the Fat Blasting Fitness Circuit of the Week.  We want to bring to you some more general fitness workouts to help fight that winter bloat get you in shape for summer.  You will start out the circuit with 2 minutes on the airdyne bike where you will do 30 second at an easy pace and then 30 seconds at a medium pace.  Once you complete that come straight off the bike into 20 back lunges (10 on each side).  Then you will go into max rep push ups and finish up with a 1 minute plank.  After that 1 minute plank hold is done go right back on the bike.  You will do 5 consecutive rounds with no rest.  Give this Fat Blasting Fitness Circuit a try and let us know what you think!


Fat Blaster Fitness Workout:

Circuit: 5 rounds

Airdyne - 2min (30 sec easy/30 sec medium)

Back Lunges - 20

Push ups - max reps

Plank - 1 minute 

No rest!


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