Anaerobic Airdyne Challenge

Dustin Myers


     Most of the workouts I do on the air dyne are either sprint work (think 10-20 second max effort bursts with longer recovery time between), or long steady state to build the aerobic base.  Although the sprint work is great for developing speed, power and recovery, if you really want to raise your anabolic threshold, you need to incorporate some longer 60-90 second intervals of near-max effort exertion.  The set up for this one is simple:


Anaerobic Airdyne Challenge:

5 minute Warm Up

-1 minute REST

90 seconds sustained hard pace

-3 minute REST

90 seconds sustained hard pace

-90 second REST

90 seconds sustained hard pace


The goal on the 90 second goes is to push as hard as you can - but not an all out sprint.  The goal is an uncomfortable, sustained pace.  I kept the first go just above 80 RPMs for the full 90 seconds.

Ideally for anaerobic work you would want a 1:3 work:rest ratio, but by dropping it to a 1:2 ratio your recovery will really be tested.  I was shooting for the same RPMs on the second 90 second go but could only sustain a fluctuating 77-80 RPMs.  After the second interval there is only a 1:1 work:rest ratio and I was able to maintain only a 70-73 RPM.


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