10 Minute Turn Up Challenge

Dustin Myers


If you’ve been following along with my Instagram feed for the past

few years, you are well aware that I am a fan of high volume bodyweight training. In addition to the strength, coordination, and muscle growth that comes along with regularly incorporating bodyweight exercises into your regimen, it is my opinion that there is no better tool for improving your muscle endurance - both “in set” and from the perspective of set to set recovery

Well I have a challenge that will test your strength and endurance to the fullest. I call it the “10 Minute Turn Up Challenge”. 

Here is the set up:

- Set a timer for 10 minutes.

- At the top of each minute perform a set of Pull Ups, followed by Squats, and then Push Ups.

- The first minute you will only perform 2 reps of each exercise, but with each minute as you start a new round, increase the number of reps on all three exercises by +2.

- Finish each round as quickly as possible and rest for the remainder of the minute, but always start the next set of pull ups at the beginning of the minute.

This challenge starts out easy, but by the 5th minute you are already doing 10 reps of each movement, with probably less than 30 seconds to rest before the 6th round starts.  By the 10th and final round you will be hard pressed to rep out 20 pull-ups, squats, and push ups in the space of sixty seconds…especially considering you just did 18 of each exercise one minute prior. One of the keys is eliminating any transition time between exercises. When you finish your set of pull ups, drop straight down and begin your set of squats without taking a step. Once the prescribed number of squats is complete, immediately drop straight down and rep out the set of push ups. This strategy should allow you to maximize the amount of time you have to catch your breath before the next round starts. This “rest” dwindles to basically nothing by the time you make it to the later rounds.


Good luck!


Every minute on the minute:

2 Pull Ups

2 Squats

2 Push Ups

x 10 rounds, each round increase reps by +2

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