In Camp vs Out Of Camp

Clay Guida


Mental Shape-

There is no such thing as an "Off Season" in Wrestling or MMA. If you want to dominate the competition in your sport, then you have to keep your mind sharp at all times. If you're always mentally prepared for Any Challenge, then there is no such thing as getting out of shape. 

And I'm not talking about having to lose 20-30 pounds to step on the scale. I'm talking about so-called athletes that get "out of shape." Who knows what their definition of "In Shape" really is anyway. I personally don't care. It's a cop out for not being psychologically prepared, because most athletes are afraid of getting tired and embarrassing themselves on camera. It's actually pathetic for a physically trained individual to become exhausted inside 15-25 minutes, when almost 100% of wrestlers and combat sport athletes train at an intense pace for anywhere from 30-120 minutes at a routine practice session, numerous times during the week. 

It's an excuse for not being mentally tough. It's very simple ...

If you're always Ready, then you Never have to get Ready. 

If you actually get tired when another human is trying to throw you on your head, or punch and kick you repeatedly until you're unconscious, in front of your loved ones...  then it's time you found another sport or hobby. 

Physical Shape-

As far as physical training while an athlete is preparing for competition as opposed to after a competition. There are significant differences. 
I don't know too many athletes that train 3-4 times a day in between competition, like we do when we have a set date to compete. 
It's extremely taxing on the body and mind when you literally put yourself in a boot camp for 8-12 weeks, 5-7 days a week with strict dieting and rest. 

Because I am so physically active in and out of camp, I've actually noticed that my body gets sore when I'm not in the gym or working out regularly. 
I understand that every athlete is different both mentally and physically, and some individuals require actual rest from almost all activity in order for them to heal and be ready to compete again. I don't know what that means. I don't know "Not being active, or not being outdoors, or not adventuring." I was wired to where I can't, or choose not to sit still for long periods of time.
I realize this is not for every athlete or every sport. I rest while I sleep and that's plenty of rest for my body when I'm out of camp. Yes I make it a point to get to bed earlier when I have a date set for Victory. That's part of being an adult and being a professional athlete. 
And of course there is always the case of that rare athlete that requires little to no rest, and always performs at the highest level. They are what I like to call the 1%ers, and come around once every 50-100 years. 

In Camp training is pretty simple. In Camp, means you have a certain amount of time from the date you signed the contract or agreed to the match or bout, until the date of the actual competition. 
Whether it's 6-12 weeks, that is your window to intelligently fit in as much fight or match specific training in that time frame for a specific opponent, while preserving your body, and not "Over Training.

Out of Camp Training, is the time where individuals see a lot of noticeable gains and improvements, because they're not up against a clock with a certain opponent in mind. More less, you train a fraction of the daily sessions, but in All areas of the sport to improve on numerous skills. All the while, knowing another competition is just around the corner. 

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