Will I Bulk Up If I Lift Heavy?

Kelsey Lensman, ATC


DO NOT BE AFRAID OF HEAVY WEIGHT. Okay, I got that out of my system. I hear all the time, “How heavy should I go? I don’t want to bulk up.” Yes, it’s a genuine concern of many, many people (especially my girls out here). To be completely honest, it was genuine concern of mine when I started lifting. I was afraid to do more than 20 lbs. because I thought the second I touched a 25 lb. dumbbell or heavier weight I was going to bulk up. Maybe that was over exaggeration, but it’s something that SO many people have thoughts of.

My one piece of advice: heavy weight will NOT make you bulk up. Lifting heavy will NOT make you bulk up. Do not be afraid of it. Nutrition has a huge factor when it comes to “bulking” and putting on unwanted weight.

If anything, lifting heavy and training hard will help you attain the physique you want! Think about it. If you are pushing yourself, increasing weight, and training hard you are going to sweat more, get your heart rate up more, and burn more fat. What is that a recipe for?  Achieving that “toned” look that so many people strive for. You are building strength, while also burning fat at the same time. Girls biologically do not have the ability to put on insane muscle that makes us look “manly” like guys do. It all is the break down in the certain hormones and the amount of them that each of us has. We, as girls, do not have enough. If you are natural and do not take hormone injections or supplements that increase your hormone production with it, you will not bulk up like crazy.

Lifting heavy will do a few things: give you more confidence, amaze yourself on your ability to conquer weights you never thought you could do, help you work towards your goals, and make you feel like a badass. THAT is what lifting heavy will do for you. Don’t be afraid of “bulking” or looking “manly” by lifting heavy. Step in that weight room. Go kick some butt. And show everyone what you are made of! As always, train hard, but train smart also.

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