Vacation Workout Series: Shoulders & Back

Cory Gregory


Cory Gregory is here to bring to you a great Vacation Series Workout that is going to superset shoulders and back together.  This is great workout to hit to get pumped up before you go to the beach.  You will start with lateral raises using the Westside Barbell mini bands and some gallon jugs of water.  As you are doing the lateral raises your body is going to try to create stability as the water jugs are going to be jumping all over the place.  Hit 25 reps on the lateral raises then take one of the mini bands and perform band pull aparts.  Grab the band about shoulder width apart stretch the mini band and squeeze the upper back.  The closer you grab the band the harder it will be.  Hit 25 reps on this and act like you are trying to squeeze a pensile and hold it between your shoulder blades to create a good pump in the upper back.  Make sure you hit the Max Effort Pre Workout before and the Post Workout after.  Give this Shoulder & Back Superset a try and let us know what you think!


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