Vacation Workout Series: Pain Bucket Squats

Cory Gregory


Cory Gregory is here to bring to you a great Vacation Series Workout using some paint buckets and a travel barbell.  The degree of difficulty on this vacation workout is about an 8 or 10.  This is a Stability Paint Bucket Squat with the heels elevated that Cory put together while he was on vacation digging around the house trying to find stuff to use for a workout.  Using the paint buckets you will find are unstable which is why these are so great because it is going to challenge you to find stability through the squat pattern.  Having the heels elevated it going to allow you to take the squat deep for a big knee stretch like a 1970s style deep knee bend squat.  This going to give you a crazy pump!  If you want to train while on vacation, you will find a way!  Give these Stability Paint Bucket Squats a try and let us know what you think!


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