Vacation Workout Series: Barstool Bench Press

Cory Gregory


Cory Gregory is here to bring to you a great Vacation Series Workout that involves 2 barstools, a chair, 2 gallons of water, some Westside mini bands, and a travel barbell.  Put all those things together and you have yourself a vacation bench press.  So what you are going to do is stability bar bench presses.  You want to take a super wide grip and touch the bar up high on your chest for 100 reps.  Yes you read that right 100!  The gallon jugs are going to be jumping around, the body is going to try to create stability, the pec muscles don't know what is happening, which is going to result in a crazy burner with an amazing pump.  If you want to train on vacation you will find a way!  Give these Barstool Bench Presses a try the next time you take a vacation and let us know what you think!


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