Unique Arm Superset

Cory Gregory


For this Weeks Arm Superset Of The Week we two exercises are uniquely paired together that maybe you have never tried to superset before.  This is a tricep/bicep blowout that is going to have your arms on blast!  The two exercises that you will be doing are Incline Dumbbell Rollbacks and Dave Draper Forehead Curls.  The reps and sets will look like this:


2 sets of 20

2 sets of 10

2 sets of 5

2 sets of 20


Check out the videos blow for the correct form and instructional guide on how to perform the exercises correctly.


Incline Dumbbell Rollbacks

You are going to set up like a normal dumbbell rollback or dumbbell skullcrusher, let the dumbbells come down past your ears.  At this point a lot of people would stop with their hands in this position but you want to do is rotate them down which stretches the tricep just a little bit more making sure that the elbows stay high and explode the dumbbells back up.  Try not to hit yourself in the face!  That little bit of extra twist or tweak that you put on the tricep will give you some extra pressure around your elbow but not in a bad way will help make your triceps stronger so when ever your pressing those big bench presses out you can grind those weights.  The key is to continue to train your triceps at new angles. 


Dave Draper Forehead Curls

Most of the time when curls are performed, you will curl to your chest.  With the forehead curl you are going to curl to your forehead just as the exercise name suggests.  Why go to the forehead you might ask?  This curl is not only going to target the bicep but will also give you a little front delt activation as well.  Dave Draper made this exercise famous during his bodybuilding career.  Training the curl in this fashion you might find will raise the amount of weight you can normally curl to your chest.  This is another variation of the curl that you can add into you training to target the bicep differently.


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