Understanding Injuries

Cory Gregory


I’ve been lifting weights since I was 14-years-old. I haven’t missed more than a week’s worth of workouts since I was 17. When you’re that consistent and go as hard me and my crew does, things are going to get tweaked. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious but injuries are bound to happen.

Whenever I see some of the old timers, the guys who have been lifting forever, I like to ask them how they feel. When I ran into Frank Zane 2 years ago at the Arnold and asked him, he told me he hurts. But he went on to say that he’s 72 and everyone his age hurts. The difference is you can just hurt, or you can hurt while you look good. For him, the tradeoff to look amazing young, and great as an older man, it’s something that he charged to the game.

What I would say are that minor injuries, and even major injuries, which hopefully no one has to experience, make you stronger and smarter. If you have something going on it’s important that you understand it. The Internet is such an amazing resource, this website is an amazing resource. It’s important to use these resources and understand so that it doesn’t happen again, you can learn how to treat it and get back on track.

I would say that these injuries actually make you a better and smarter lifter from a practitioner’s standpoint because it helps you understand your body at another level. Right now I have a bit of an IT Band issue and I’ve never had that because it’s mainly a runner’s injury. Now I have to understand exactly what this does and what else it affects. It’s almost cleared up now but it’s such a good example because I’ve never been a big anatomy guy. Obviously, I know the main muscles and how to build a physique but this was something entirely new to me.

I’m always preaching getting better and taking in more knowledge and injuries are the perfect place to do that. So if you have something going on, don’t ignore it, don’t power through it. Find a way to fix it, self treat, go to your physician, whatever needs to be done. Just understand it so you can make yourself better.

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