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Jason Newlan


     What type of environment do you train in? Whether that's a planet fitness or the most hardcore gym in town, IT DOES MATTER what type of environment you train in. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve all your fitness goals training at a globo gym all by yourself, but I do believe you can achieve those goals faster when you are surrounded with successful people who have similar goals and people that push you past what you think is possible.


     I have been blessed to train in some of the best environments in the world, whether thats my own gym, The Pit, or Old School Gym, these places are truly something special. Even when I was young in high school, I made my school weight room something special by creating an atmosphere that caused growth in everyone. A good training environment can be created at any gym, as long as you and the people around you work very hard and bring a Max Effort level intensity everyday! By training in a good environment and atmosphere my whole life, I feel like that has put me light years ahead of most people my age. I can also proudly say I wouldn’t be near as strong as I am today without training in a good environment.


     The loud music, the yelling, the motivation it all helps you. As silly as it sounds it does make you push harder and it does make you stronger. I’ll be the first to admit, I can't bring 100% intensity everyday in the gym. Things and stuff pop up and happen, I get tired and I get sore. Some days I just do not have it. This is where my training environment helps me out. The energy is something to feed off of. It makes me feel a little less tired and sore. It makes me care a little less about the stuff in life that i'm struggling with. It helps me focus and win!!


     Yes, this may seem a little crazy, and you make think that i’m a little crazy too, but in the book Supertaining it speaks a lot about “emotional excitement” before a big lift. Emotional excitement immediately before a lift can increase your maximum strength anywhere from 10-35%. Think about that for a second, you can literally become stronger instantly, just by getting ‘fired up.” Its crazy what our bodies and minds can do. To add to that you can also reduce your strength up to 20% just by having self doubt or a lack of confidence in yourself. These numbers are astonishing. For example if you can deadlift 500lbs without any external activity you could in fact possibly deadlift 550-575lbs with added emotional excitement such as loud music and a lot of yelling. You could also deadlift way less than 500lbs if you are not focused or confident in your abilities.


     In conclusion, where and who you train with matters. Surround yourself with people that want to see you win and will push you to get there! Get excited, create a special energy in the room, and ALWAYS GIVE MAX EFFORT!


Sources: Supertraining (6th edition)-- Yuri Verkhoshansky + Mel Siff


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