Top 5 Tips for Massive Biceps

Dustin Myers


I don’t care who you are, an every day Joe or an olympic level athlete, everyone wants big biceps.  Contrary to popular belief, just wearing a tank top and throwing in a few sets of barbell curls after your next back workout isn’t going to cut it.  Here’s my Top 5 tips for Massive Biceps:


That’s right.  If you want big biceps, you gotta over load them with heavy weight to make them grow.  Cheat curls are a perfect way to achieve this, just make sure once you “hip the weight up a little” that you control it the rest of the way, squeezing at the top and lowering the weight under control.

Go slow.

Negatives are another curl favorite of mine.  By emphasizing the eccentric portion of the curl you will do more damage to your bicep’s muscle fibers - damage that your body must rebuild and repair, leading to massive gains.  Pair 6 second negatives with heavy cheat curls for 3 reps per set of “OMG look at those peaks!”

Full extension.

Ok we talked about cheat curls which basically allow you to bypass the hardest part of the curl - when your arm is completely extended and the lever of the bicep is at a considerable mechanical disadvantage.  The solution?  Add in a light weight dumbbell concentration curl where you focus on the full extension - pausing at extension for 3 seconds before slowly curling and contracting the biceps.

Build your peaks.

Want that softball peak at the top of your bicep?  Concentrate on completely supinating your wrists as you curl a dumbbell and then hold that peak contraction for a full second as you “twist” your pinky towards your front delt.

Go backwards.

The preacher curl is a great tool for building biceps, but at the top of the curl it’s easy to let the biceps relax due to the angle of the arm pad.  If you really want to ensure a killer contraction with no chance of cheating, take the pad out and turn it around backwards.  Put one knee on the seat and kind of lean over the preacher pad.  This will have your arms completely vertical as you curl.  Warning - go lighter than normal, as this is the toughest variation of either a preacher or a concentration curl.

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