The #Truth on ABS - Pt. 3

Cory Gregory


MISCONCEPTION If I train abs heavy it will make my midsection look thick.



I have done nothing but train my abs with weight for years to achieve the thick “brick check” look. What I am referring to is slang for muscle thickness and density, not overall waist thickness, which many people confuse it for. The main component here is to train your abs this way, but NOT your obliques. When I spoke to Frank Zane years ago, he explained how the Golden Era bodybuilders never trained their abs for thickness, but they would instead do countless reps.

I have trained my abs heavy as did Arnold and Franco, using weighted cable crunches and “moon boot” crunches hanging upside down to help sculpt that thickness we’re all after. I have also adopted a nightly routine to incorporate training abs daily, and it has produced some clear differences in my midsection. Doing just one set of 200 weighted crunches per night has yielded some crazy results.

Over time I have built such a thickness that my abs always kind of show no matter what the number on the scale is. That being said, when I’m really lean it has the look that they are cut out of rock, which is my ideal goal to hit. If you want to have “bricked out” abs, you have to train them heavy. Plain and simple.

A few exercises I definitely recommend are ab wheels, weighted crunches, and finally cable crunches to thicken them up. These three exercises will give you that sliced and diced, bricked out ab look that you want.

Here is a sample AB Workout:

Weighted Crunches - 25 reps
Cable Crunches - 10 reps
Toes 2 Bar - 10 reps
Ab Wheels - 25 reps
Repeat for 3-4 sets

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