The Savage Sleeveless Shoulder Shredder

Dustin Myers


Want to get your shoulders round and shredded so they jump out of your new Max Effort Tank Top?

Having great delts and traps isn’t as simple just following your basic 3x10 or 5x5 program on presses and side laterals.  Number one, you have to keep your shoulders healthy, which can be tough due to the complexity of the joint.  Number two, you gotta lift heavy - something that will be tough if you are always fighting bicep tendinitis or rotator cuff injuries.  And of course if you really want those delts to pop you are going to need to combine some high volume accessory movements into supersets for a monster pump.  Here is a great workout that combines all of those elements, plus finishes with jump rope for some great shoulder-centric cardio.

Warm Up/Prehab:

1. Circuit: 3 rounds

            Band Pull A Parts - 12

            Face Pulls - 12

            Supermans (no weight) - 12


2. Standing DB Iso-Press - 20/20, 10/10, 6/6, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2


3. Superset: 4 sets

            Heavy DB Front Raise - 5/5

            Iso-Flys - 5/5

            Bent over flys - 10


4. Laying Side Laterals - 3 x 8/8


5. Barbell Shrugs

            10 pause reps + 10 fast reps

            8 pause reps + 8 fast reps

            5 pause reps + 5 fast reps

            5/10/20 strip down drop set


6. Jump Rope - 20 minutes

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