TD - Iso Chest Press

Dustin Myers


Welcome back to another episode of Technique Daily!  Coach Dustin Myers is back to show you a great chest press variation called the Iso Chest Press.  To perform the Iso Chest Press you are going to keep one arm static or in the isometric position while the other arm is performing reps.  This exercise requires a lot of core strength and stability to stay on the bench.  Dustin is going to throw a little twist into it and perform some time under tension reps where you are going to do a 5 second count lowering down, 5 second pause, then explode up and switch sides.  You're always going start by bring both dumbbells up locking them into place, remember to keep your glutes tight, feet flat on the floor, and then start with the 5 second eccentric lowering and 5 second pause then explode up and switch sides.  This is a tough exercise so you are going to want to shoot for 3 sets of 5.  Give the Iso Chest Press a try and let us know what you think!

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