TD - Bicep Curl Superset

Dustin Myers


Welcome back to another episode of Technique Daily!  Coach Dustin Myers is back to show you a killer Bicep Curl Superset.  First you are going to start with an iso curl where one arm will curl and the other will stay bent at 90 degrees in a static hold.  You will alternate form side to side keep one arm static while the other curls.  Make sure to keep the static arm bent at 90 degrees so you can keep the optimal amount of tension in the bicep to get the most out of the movement.  Once you have 3 iso curls per side lower the dumbbells down to your side and do 3 regular curls with both arms curling at the same time, then right into 3 hammer curls to finish it off.  Give this Bicep Curl Superset a try and let us know what you think!

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