Powerbuilding: Jacked and Strong

Zach Matheny


When we all start to train regularly and learn more about nutrition the progress we achieve is addicting. In my early years of training, the focus was always on bodybuilding, but I loved to lift heavy. Nothing can compare to that feeling of hitting a big PR. I always saw this divide between the sports of bodybuilding and powerlifting. The rhetoric in fitness [for most] was that they were completely different. If you look to some of the top bodybuilders and powerlifters a lot of their secondary/accessory movements cross over between what would be deemed “powerlifting” or “bodybuilding” training. Powerlifters call it their accessory work which is focused on bringing up weakness and building muscle. Bodybuilders in their off season (outside of prep) are often training the squat, bench, and deadlift. These sports are more similar than not. Who doesn’t want to be jacked and strong?


So, alongside Tyler Tredway, we created an event to highlight some of the best powerbuilders—The Ohio Power Bodybuilding Association.


With the right programming and mindset shift in your training being strong bodybuilder or jacked powerlifter is possible. My biggest pieces of advice to those interested in powerbuilding is to dial in your nutrition, follow the correct programming, and learn as much as you can about powerlifting/bodybuilding methods.

Zach Uses the Max Effort Post Workout to Be Able to Train Like a Powerbuilder