Office Chair Arms

Cory Gregory


Welcome to the Arm Superset of the Week with your host Cory Gregory!  Cory is going to show you a little arm superset the can do while you are at work looking to get a pump on with these Office Chair Arms.  So lets say you are working and you have a dumbbell lying in your cubical.  You immediately rotate out from behind your desk and grab the dumbbell.  Now you are going to stare at your bicep and low the dumbbell down kind of like an incline curl but you are still sitting up right so it would be like you are on the utility bench.  Get you a nice 15 reps then flow right into the single arm behind the head tricep extension.  If you go 20 reps per arm for 5 sets in between conference calls YOU'RE GONNA GET HUGE!!!!!!  Give these Office Chair Arms a try and let us know what you think!


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