My NEW Favorite Glute Exercise

Kelsey Lensman ATC


     Two days ago I had “Seated Hip Abduction ” written on my training plan.  Now being a bikini competitor building up your glutes is one of the main aspects of my training so this exercise was one I had previously done often. At the different gyms where I used to train there were seated hip abductor machines where you sit down and you resist the pads that are on the outside of your knees (pictured below). They were good and you felt the burn on the outside of your glutes, however, not all gyms have equipment like that. Especially if you workout at home, those are nowhere to be found!  You can do banded hip abduction where your feet on planted on the ground and you open your hips up, however, I wanted to work throughout the entire range of motion. So, I decided to get a little creative with it. I saw sliders that you put under your feet, I saw a small box, we had glute bands, I knew what movement I wanted to do, and so I said let’s do this thing. Little did I know that it is now my absolute favorite glute exercise to develop full and round glutes, which is imperative for an hourglass figure that bikini competitors try to achieve. Not only that, but it also targets lateral hip strength that is HUGE in any type of lower body injury prevention. Remember, strong hips = strong foundation = reduce risk of injury.


Now in the video it has two partners adding extra resistance when I push out on their hands and when I am going back to the beginning position. However, you do not need partners to do this! You can use only a glute band it will target it just as well.


Keys for this exercise:

1. Keep your feet and your knees in a straight line (shins perpendicular to the ground). Don’t let your knees cave in and your feet spread out during the movement. If you are unable to keep them in a straight line, lessen the band strength or tension against it.

2. Keep your spine in a neutral position throughout the movement. Do not let your lower back hunch over.

3. Forcefully exhale when you are abducting your hips (on the movement out). This pulls your ribs down and creates greater core activation.

4. CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL! Control the movement VERY slow and steady on the way out and the way in. Do a 3-5 second count on the way back in to make sure you are hitting that eccentric.

5. Open your hips as wide as possible do a one second hold at the end range. Try to really push your limits with this. Open your hips (while maintaining a perpendicular shin) as wide as you can and hold at the end.

6. Shakiness is okay! As you can tell, I am shaking like crazy at the end range of the exercise. This is because my body is not used to firing and controlling it that much in that range of motion. Shakiness is a good thing because that means you are pushing your body past it’s normal level. Control that movement throughout and it will surprise you how bad it burns!

7. If you want to make it harder, pulse at the end rage for 20 reps.

8. If you don’t have the rolly sliders - use a paper plate, paper towel, anything that is able to slide on the ground. This is something you can do at home at a workout in a chair!


Try this out and let me know how it goes. I am sore like crazy today from it and feel it in the sides of my glutes. This is something I’m going to be incorporating throughout my bikini prep training every week.  As always, work hard, but also work smart!


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