Med Ball Circuit for Ripped Abs

Chady Dunmore


Medicine ball sit-up with a medicine ball Russian twist for 15 reps.

Rotate your torso from side to side while holding a sit-up position with your feet OFF the ground.  Feet down for the sit-up portion.

The twisting motion of the medicine ball Russian twist is the key to this move. By taking the weight of the ball and controlling it from side to side, you are firing up the muscle fibers around your waist as well as pulling in the lower abs for a strong, flat tummy.

> It's OK to rotate slightly through your upper back, but make sure your lower back stays locked in place.

> You can use a med ball, dumbbell, plate or kettlebell for this exercise.

Stability ball Side Plank Rotation

Start in side plank on your hand, put the ball in between your legs and squeeze it as hard as you can to engage your core.   

Now roll into side plank. Twist your body so that your elbow lowers towards the ground (elbow to elbow). Once the elbow is pointing to the ground, reverse the movement util you are back in the starting position.

10-15  reps on each side for 3 sets.

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