Killer Shoulder Superset

Dustin Myers


It's time for the Shoulder Super-set of the Week!

This week I am going to teach you a killer 4 exercise superset that hits every area of the delts and utilizes iso-reps for an added twist.  An iso-rep is when you isolate one side of a dumbbell movement by performing the movement while the other side is held in a static position.  This accomplishes two things.  The “static” side essentially becomes a pause rep, typically held at full extension or flexion - the top of a press, fly or curl for example.  In addition to the added time under tension of performing a static hold, there is also an element of imbalance since the dumbbells are not moving at the same time.  Normally as you perform a dumbbell press, one dumbbell counter balances the other as the pathway of one side mirrors the other.  However, during an iso-rep you are forced to stabilize thru your core and lower body rather than relying on the dumbbells to even each other out.

The rep scheme for this superset is 5 iso-reps on each side followed by 5 traditional reps of the movement.  Complete the 5 iso-reps and 5 regular reps then move immediately to the next exercise.


Superset: 4 rounds

Standing DB Iso-Shoulder Press - 5 iso+5 regular

Shoulder Iso-Fly - 5 iso+5 regular

DB Iso-Front Raise - 5 iso+5 regular

Band Iso-Face Pulls - 5 iso+5 regular

Standing DB iso-Shoulder Press - start by pressing both DBs over head.  Keep one dumbbell locked out at the top as you perform a press on the other side.  Alternate iso-reps side to side for 5 reps each then complete 5 regular presses with the dumbbells at the same time.

Shoulder Iso- Fly - start with a light set of dumbbells at your sides.  Perform a shoulder fly then keep one dumbbell locked out “at the top” as you execute a fly on the other side.  Trade off sides at the top, always keeping one DB locked out until you have reached 5 per side.  Complete 5 additional regular reps.

DB Iso-Front Raise - begin with a light set of DBs in front of your body.  Perform a front raise, then keep one dumbbell locked out at eye level as you complete a full range front raise on the other side.  Trade off at the highest point of the movement, always keeping one dumbbell at the top position in a static hold.  Complete 5 additional regular reps.

Band Iso-Face Pulls - loop two mini bands around a rack at shoulder height.  Grab the bands with an overhand grip and pull them towards your forehead with your elbows up high.  Keep one band stretched to your forehead and alternate sides for 5 reps each before finishing with 5 traditional reps.


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