It's Your Triceps

Cory Gregory


     A lot of people think their bench press isn’t going up due to their chest being weak.  However, what they don’t realize is that most people get stuck at the halfway to three quarters of the way up point, and can’t lock out the weight.  How many times have you seen your friend attempt a heavy bench press, and when he gets to the top, he can’t lock it out?  The conventional way of thinking and training may lead you to believe that it’s your chest causing this, when in may in fact be your triceps being weak.


     Even though people love to train arms, they normally train their biceps way more than their triceps.  What most don’t realize is that the triceps make up three quarters of their arms.  Think about it, even though everybody loves training their biceps, if you’d put more time into training your triceps, you would get crazy benefits.  


     Right off the bat, your arms will be bigger and your bench will be stronger.  I’m going to give you an outline of five different exercises that you can do frequently that can help you with this problem.  I’ve learned from some of the best in the world at the World-Famous Westside Barbell and through training with the guys at Old School Gym.

Every day or every other day you have another touch point on your triceps, so you can hit these exercises:


1. Mini Band Pushdowns (4x25)


2. Low Pulley Overhead Extension (4x25)


3. DB Kickback (4x25)


4. Elbows Out Press (4x25)


5. Skullcrushers (4x25)


     What I’ve realized is that if you touch on them on a regular basis, you get more “oomph” whenever you need to hit a heavier weight.  It essentially strengthens all the tendons around your elbow joint, getting them in shape so you can handle the strain under heavy weight.  So not only is it not your chest, it is probably most definitely your triceps.  Try it out!!


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