High Rep Arms

Cory Gregory


Over the years, even though I don’t have gigantic arms, I’ve had to come up with really unique ways to get my arms to grow. This is through high volume and high reps. I’m one of those guys that walks by a chest fly and my chest grows. It was just a naturally growing muscle for me. Some guys have things that just grow more naturally than others. I perfected all my forms on chest but, even in my younger years, it was a muscle that grew pretty quickly.

My arms, however, were really strong (my best curl in a contest is 170-some pounds) but it doesn't mean that they would grow through that. What I found was that high volumes, lots of reps, that I could get absurd, nasty pumps. Super setting bis and tris twice a week was always a way that I’ve programmed and had really good success.

Some of the best shots I’ve taken are double bicep poses that have an ab shot with it. My arms are definitely in proportion with my body, if not one of my strengths now, when I’m on stage. Especially with those double-bis. I would just say that no matter how you’re training, try to adapt to a 15-rep bicep and 20-rep tricep, super setted together.

I recommend high rep arms and the pumps (especially with the Max Effort Pre Workout) are gonna be NASTY!


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