Face Pull Variation

Cory Gregory


Cory Gregory is here to show you a great Face Pull Variation that will light up your upper back.  This is a variation that Cory just started to utilize.  A lot of people when they bench press get some cracking, popping, and instability in there shoulders and rear delts.  This is a great exercise that you can utilize and for every bench press do 15-20 reps of this in between.  

Take the regular handles that you would use for cable flys or crossovers and put them together.  This will essentially make a v-bar that you can open up.  Keep your elbows nice and high bring the handles right to your chin.  This will really help lock in the rear delts and is good for activation as well as a little pump so you can really progress with your presses without the shoulder pain.  When the rear delts are more active it sets everything up for a way bigger bench press.  Give this Face Pull variation a try and let us know what you think!


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