Extreme Shoulder Swoleness

Dustin Myers


Typically a lot of meticulous planning goes into designing workouts.  Both personal experience and academic research play a roll in programming.  But sometimes…an awesome workout just happens by accident and it kicks your ass despite no research, precedent or logic to back it up.  Thus would be the case with this killer that I stumbled upon by accident and have dubbed “Extreme Shoulder Swole-ness”.

It started off like a normal conditioning day.  I was planning on boxing so I jumped rope for 10 minutes to warm up, then laced up and got after it in the OSG war room.  After I finished boxing my shoulders had a great pump so I thought “might as well finish these delts off with a drop set”.  I came out into the weight room and ran the rack up and back down on shoulder flys.  Satisfied, I went to chug some Lemonade Post Workout and contemplated doing some core work, but when I walked back into the weight room I saw something that sparked my interest.  Garret, one of the young meat heads at OSG, was doing super heavy ass front raises with 70lb DBs in each hand.  Now, the form wasn’t perfect but he was throwing around these monster dumbbells - a weight I had never thought of attempting on a Front Raise.  I decided to jump in with him and went 4 x 5/5 with the 70s and had a monster pump.  I was so hype I decided to hit 10 x 10 on DB Shrugs before calling it a day.

The point?  Not everything has to be planned out or make sense from a academic stand point to be an awesome workout.  From a programming standpoint this routine may not make a lot of sense but I can tell you it was the longest lasting shoulder pump I have had in awhile and the next day my entire shoulder region and upper back was a pleasant degree of soreness. 

Give this workout a try.  If you don’t have access to boxing equipment, make sure to jump rope, shadowbox or use battle ropes to pre-exhaust your shoulders.  Get after it!

1. Warm Up: Jump Rope 10 minutes

2. Heavy Bag: 6 x 3 minutes (30 seconds rest between)

3. Run the Rack on Shoulder Flys: (no rest between sets)

15lb DBs x 40 reps

20lb DBs x 20 reps

30lb DBs x 10 reps

40lb DBs x 5 reps

30lb DBs x 10 reps

20lb DBs x 20 reps

15lb DBs x 40 reps

4. Super Heavy Ass DB Front Raises

4 x 5 reps each arm

5. Run the Rack DB Shrugs*

10 x 10

*start as heavy as possible and drop 5-10lbs after each set of 10.  No rest between sets.

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