5x5 + 25 Workout

Dustin Myers


The 5 x 5 + 25 method

If you are like me, then I’m willing to bet that your lifting routine may vary from day to day based on how you feel. Some days you may feel like going heavy, while others you want the pump of the high reps. To add to this, sometimes you may be in a hurry and need to get your workout done within half the time as usual. On the occasions when you can answer “all of the above”, you need something different than your standard routine. 

It was for one of those days in particular that I created the 5 x 5 + 25 method. This method incorporates elements of Time Under Tension during the rest portions of the heavy working sets, and then tacks on a high rep burnout at the end. You’ll start each exercise with a heavy weight for 5 sets of 5 reps, but the twist is that you only rest for 10 seconds between each set. Once the fifth set is completed, you immediately lower the weight 50% or more and grind through an additional 25 reps. This method allows you to reap the benefits of heavy weight while still getting some conditioning and aerobic work in due to the low rest periods. The fact that you can complete a large number of exercises in a short period of time makes it perfect for a day when you need to hit the gym hard and fast, then go about your day. One thing to keep in mind - although the goal is to keep the same weight for the entire 5 x 5, on compound exercises you may have to lower the weight as you go due to the low recovery of the 10 second rest periods.

Here is a sample workout for you to try that utilizes the 5 x 5 + 25 Method. I have also listed example weights just to give you an idea, but remember to choose weights based on your strength and experience. After the final set of 5, plus the burnout set of 25, rest 90 seconds before starting the next exercise.


#1 Shoulders 5 x 5 + 25

  1. DB Shoulder Press

            5 x 5 (50lb DBs)

            1 x 25 (20lb DBs)


  1. Shoulder Flys

            5 x 5 (30lb DBs)

            1 x 25 (15lb DBs)


  1. Iron Crosses

            5 x 5 (25 lb DBs)

            1 x 25 (10lb DBs)


  1. Barbell Shrugs

            5 x 5 (315lbs)

            1 x 25 (135lbs)

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