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Cory Gregory


3 Exercises For Bicep HUGENESS!

#1 The Arnold Cheat Curl

The Arnold Cheat Curl is based off of the overload principle, which requires you to go a bit heavier than you normally would.  Technique breakdown is fine while doing cheat curls… within reason.  At the bottom of the curl you need to give yourself a little bump off of your quads to begin momentum, squeezing your biceps all the way through the rep to the top.  Once you reach the top, continue squeezing your biceps, then control the bar back down to the starting position.  You can use either a Straight or EZ Curl Bar for Arnold Cheat Curls.


#2 Larry Scott Preacher Curls

Elbows tucked.  I acquired this principle from reading about Larry Scott over the years, then applied it to my own bicep training.  Elbows tucked, make sure that you are going about three quarters of the way down, up and squeeze.  It’s one of the best exercises that people do wrong because of their elbows being too flared out.  If you can keep your elbows properly tucked in to your side during the whole rep, then it creates a damn softball squeeze in your biceps.

#3 Incline Dumbbell Curls

The Incline Dumbbell Curls create a great stretch for the bicep while hitting a unique angle.  An added bonus is utilizing a 360 degree twist. Start by doing eight reps.  After these eight, let the dumbbells hang, twist them 360 degrees for 5-10 seconds, then complete four more reps.  That twist allows blood to flood the biceps, giving you the nasty pump you want.


5 Minutes To Bicep EXPLOSION!

Five minutes is all it takes to smoke your biceps.  Check it out:


Minute 1: As many reps as possible 1 minute

Straight Bar Bicep Curls (45 lbs.)



Minute 2: As many reps as possible 1 minute 

Alternating Hammer and Regular Bicep Curls (20 lb. DBs)



Minute 3: As many reps as possible 1 minute 

Incline Dumbbell Double Bicep Curls



 Minute 4: As many reps as possible 1 minute 
Spider Curls (chest supported)



Minute 5: As many reps as possible 1 minute 
Alternating Wind Curls (20 lb. DBs)


Rep Progression Method

Try The Rep Progression Method by Cory Gregory!  What you are going to do is do 1 regular curl then 1 hammer curl.  Then 2 regular curls and 2 hammer curls.  You will continue this pattern all the way to 6-8 reps for 3-5 set.  Find a friend who chases the PUMP!  TRY IT TODAY!


Rep Progression Method:

1 Regular Curl

1 Hammer Curl

2 Regular Curls

2 Hammer Curls

Work up to 6-8 reps each way for 3-5 sets.


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