10 x 10 With 10 Sec Rest

Cory Gregory


Programming Tip from Cory Gregory get ready to Up your intensity today! Run your normal program with a twist of 10 sets of 10 with 10 seconds rest.


Quick Arm Workout Example:

Straight Bar Curls - 10x10 (10 sec rest)

Triceps Skull Crushers - 10x10 (10 sec rest)

Hammer curls - 10x10 (10 sec rest)

Triceps Kick backs - 10x10 (10 sec rest) 


Quick Leg workout example:

Back Squat - 10x10 (10 sec rest)

Leg extension - 10x10 (10 sec rest)

Leg curls - 10x10 (10 sec rest)

Leg press - 10x10 (10 sec rest)


Cardio workout example:

Jump rope sprint - 10 fast x 10 sec rest x 10 sets

Treadmill hill sprint - 10 sec sprint x 10 sec off belt x 10 sets

Bike sprints - 10 sec sprint x 10 sec rest x 10 sets


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