1/4 Reps For Crazy Gains

Dustin Myers


When utilizing the 1/4 rep method you will be adding an additional partial rep to each repetition.  Typically this partial rep is roughly 1/4 of the exercise at the transition point between eccentric and concentric movements.  In lay-mans terms that means you will add a 1/4 rep to the middle part of the exercise where you change directions between “up” and “down”.  On many exercises, such as rows or curls, this forces you to concentrate on the contraction, rather than just dropping the weight back down on the eccentric portion. 

On certain compound movements such as bench press, adding a 1/4 rep allows you to focus on a certain muscle (such as the pecs) that are stressed more at certain points of the movement.  One of my favorite applications for 1/4 reps is to use them in a “ladder” style on a rowing movement.  An ascending ladder is when you increase by 1 with each rep, so in this case you would add an additional 1/4 rep with each repetition. 

Start by rowing the weight up to your chest, lower the weight 1/4 of the way, then pull it back up concentrating on squeezing your shoulder blades together, then lowering the weight.  On the next rep, add two 1/4 reps at the top.  On the 3rd rep add 3 quarter reps, and so on until you can no longer finish the reps.  Whatever number of 1/4 reps you reach, you will then complete an equal number of traditional reps.  For example if you worked your way up the ladder to a seventh rep that included seven 1/4 reps, then finish the set with an additional 7 normal reps.

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