You Always Feel Better

Cory Gregory


You wake up early in the morning as the alarm goes off.  Twenty-five excuses hit your brain trying to convince you to stay in bed.  You try to roll over but it haunts you thinking, “I need to go to the gym today.”  You finally get out of bed and look at yourself in the mirror thinking, “Quit being a punk.  None of those excuses are good enough.”

If you succumb to the doubt and weakness of staying in bed, you are one day further away from your goal.  If you go to the gym and give your training and the rest of your day everything you have, you are one day closer

This is the self-talk that flows through my head when I’m super tired from being a dad, being with my kids and running multiple businesses.  I get tired, simple as that.  Even though I am an extremely disciplined person in multiple facets of life, I still have to push those thoughts of doubt from my mind sometimes.  As my man Maurice Clarett puts it, “Don’t be on the chump program.  Be on the Champ program.”  I tell myself, “Don’t be soft.  Wake your ass up.” 

I have that self-talk on a loop through my head.  In my opinion, no one fights through this, goes to the gym and comes out the other side wishing they didn’t go.  I have never had this happen.  Where I tried to give myself excuses, went to the gym (whether the workout was good or not), and came out and said I didn’t feel better.

As I write this article, I went through a day just like that.  Especially if you are banged up or just tired in general, it is way better to get your ass up out of bed.  I wrote this article for two reasons: 1) To show that everyone goes through this 2) To encourage you to find the self-talk techniques that work for you.  Just remember, no one went to the gym after they fought through doubt and wasn’t happy that they did.

Cory uses the Max Effort Muscle Post Workout to Feel His Best