Yoga Flow: Hip Mobility & Core Strength

Dustin Myers


Coach Dustin Myers is coming to you live from THE Old School Gym to bring to you a great little Yoga Flow routine.  This is going to be really good for upper body strength, core strength, and also really good for hip mobility.  You are going to start in the upward dog position hold that for 10 seconds.  Transition into downward dog really trying to drive your heels to the ground and hold for 10 seconds.  Once you have held that for 10 you are going to bring your right leg across to your left elbow and hold for 10 seconds.  Then extend the right leg out and squeeze the glute for 10 seconds.  From there bring the right leg to the right elbow transitioning down to your elbows holding that for 10 seconds.  Finish off by kicking the right leg back up again squeezing the glute for 10 seconds.  Go back to downward dog and repeat this whole sequence on the left side.  Give this Yoga Flow a try and let us know what you think!


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