Wrestling Strength Tip: Grip Endurance

Dustin Myers


Coach Dustin Myers is coming to you live from THE Old School Gym.  Today he is bringing to you the Wrestling Strength Tip Of The Week.  This weeks wrestling strength tip is a great drill that you can use to build grip, pulling, and squeezing strength.  You are going to use a rope and if you are strong enough you are going to make it weighted using either a weight belt, chains, or a weighted vest.  What you will do is a static hold.  You are going to pull yourself up and squeeze for 5 seconds.  Shake your arms out rest 10 seconds.  You will keep doing the 5 seconds on 10 seconds off as many times as possible till you can't hold yourself up for 5 seconds any more.  Now if you do not have a rope you can always use a chin-up bar instead where you will pull yourself up and hold at the top.  This is great for building that grip strength so that you can hold on to your opponent.  Give this Wrestling Strength Tip a try and let us know what you think!


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