Wiffle Ball Game Brawl

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Here at Max Effort Muscle we like to have fun in the office.  It's not uncommon for us to break out the old bat and ball to play a nice friendly game of wiffle ball.  The competition is high and the stakes are even higher.  But man, when the pitcher donks one off your noggin it turns into a WWE No Holds Barred Match and it's every man for himself!  Check out what happened when we decided to turn the cameras on during our last game.

Cory Gregory was on the mound pitching when he tried to back old Jacob Pontius off the plate.  Let's just say things got ugly real quick when young up and coming star Jeremy Hanna took a boot square to the chest.  I'll tell you this just isn't something you see everyday.  We are waiting to hear if there will be any fines handed out but one thing is for sure that everyone made it out injury free.  This brawl could go down as one of the worst of all time.  We highly recommend you checking it out and do not advise on trying this at home!

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