Why The Max Effort Tr-Blend Protein?

Cory Gregory


I set out with our team at the manufacturer to create a true, all-purpose protein.  When it came to formulating our protein, I really wanted to emphasize having a 100% transparent protein that has an equal split of each main protein.  The TRI BLEND was born.

Our Max Effort TRI BLEND Protein features a 1:1:1 ratio of Isolate, Casein and Concentrate. If you are familiar with the nutrition/supplement industry at all, you quickly notice that the protein market is greatly saturated.  Most companies will focus on making a concentrate.  I however, wanted to be different, as we all know that’s how we run things here at Max Effort.

So people ask,

Can I take Max Effort Tri Blend Protein post workout?  YES.

Can I take Max Effort Tri Blend Protein before bed?  YES.

Can I use Max Effort Tri Blend Protein as a snack?  Again, YES!

It is truly the go-to for an all-purpose protein with this blend.  Extensive testing for mixability and taste was conducted here at Max Effort Muscle, and not something we take lightly.  No one wants to drink a clumpy, chalky shake.

I believe we knocked it outta the park, no matter what flavor you choose.  Quality + mixablity + taste, coupled with our ‘Build Your Stack’ feature, results in a home run.  Welcome to the Max Effort familia.



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