Why The Max Effort Muscle Test Booster Stands Above The Rest

Cory Gregory


I’ve always reacted well to the herb tribulus and we have a studied, guaranteed level of tribulus thanks to the patented Pro-Trib. It’s literally the highest grade and quality that we can find that gives you the best active ingredients on the market. I know that with this guarantee, every time you are getting the proper dose for a quality result.

You’re more aggressive but not crazy. We hear things all the time about when people mildly raise their testosterone that they start freaking out. I’ll tell you that when I was experimenting with the dosages, I became progressively, in a controlled way, aggressive in the weight room. It helped me to train harder in the gym, which will help you, build muscle, make weights and get stronger. Over time, increasing testosterone will increase muscle mass, strength, and intensity which is what I’ve noticed as I used the recommended dosage.

What my business partner John Fosco always talks about. Not only will you be more aggressive in the weight room but in the bedroom as well. I’ll leave this short and sweet but when your testosterone levels go up, it helps all levels of everything. I’ve always been solid throughout but it helps in all areas.

So for those guys who are 35 plus looking for a natural testosterone lift or those 25 plus just looking to go hard in the gym, this product is pretty damn amazing.

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