Why Take CBD Oil?

Cory Gregory

CBD oil is a current hot topic in many circles ranging from the hippies of the world, sports nutrition and doctor's offices.  It is an oil derived from the hemp plant that does not contain THC.  It has zero psychoactive qualities.

There’s a negative stigma out there that if you take CBD oil you are going to walk around high all day.  It’s simply not the case.  Here’s what interesting…  With zero psychoactive properties, CBD helps out with many of the other things that people struggle with every single day.

Releasing our CBD oil here at Max Effort Muscle opened up numerous conversations online and in person.  A significant portion of this conversation was focused on anxiety.  I didn’t fully realize how much of a problem this is in our world mostly because it’s not something that I have struggled with personally. That being said, I do not wish these problems on anyone.  It’s a serious issue that many people struggle with every day.

CBD oil will help manage this anxiety in a natural way.  It brings the wall down to let you breathe.  Multiple people that I am around on a daily basis use this supplement to manage their anxiety issues.  People that I am personally around and people that have direct messaged me online have told me how they are able to take less or even come off of their pharmaceutical prescriptions they have.  Amazing.

The way that I take CBD is by utilizing it about an half hour before bed.  Most people are looking for something that is going to help them dive into a deep sleep, manage inflammation in the body, or something to calm their mind.  I’ve been taking it about 30 minutes before bed, and I’ve woken up with less inflammation and feel well rested and not groggy.

I’ve used products in the past to help with nighttime recovery, but I’ve never experienced a product where I wasn’t groggy at all.  It’s pretty wild.  In regards to which strength I’ve been taking… I’ve been utilizing the 1000mg (one full dropper) 30 minutes before bed.  With the increase in my volume of lunges and in the gym training, I’ve noticed a decrease in inflammation, better quality of sleep and well-being overall.  

For any of you that are struggling with anxiety, start with a half to full dropper depending on the nature of how bad your anxiety is.  There are three different strengths: 300, 500 and 1000mg.  Choose the one that best suits your current situation and get started.

Our CBD Oil at Max Effort Muscle has ZERO THC and contains no ingredients that will result in you failing a drug test.  There is nothing in our CBD oil that will make you test positive for marijuana.  

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