When and How To Take Your Greens

Jacob Pontius


Often, the supplement industry can be quite confusing about when and how often you should take certain supplements. For this reason, we wanted to make it very clear when and how often you should be taking the Max Effort Muscle Greens.

When should I be taking my Greens?

Feel free to take the Greens whenever you like. There isn’t any particular benefit to taking it with or without food. Some people enjoy mixing it with their favorite energy smoothies in the morning, while others love to mix it with our delicious Strawberry Ice Cream protein throughout the day. Either way, you are certain to see some of the amazing benefits that our Greens formula has to offer!

How often should I have Greens?

The recommended dosage is once or twice per day, there isn’t any reason you couldn’t take our Greens multiple times throughout the day. Personally, if I have a day that I am lower in my fruit or vegetable consumption, I will take two- three doses.

There are so many amazing benefits to our Greens, and we didn’t even include the amazing natural raspberry flavor! We hope you enjoy it!

You can purchase our Greens individually or you can Build a Stack with them in it!