Jason Newlan


We here at Max Effort Muscle are about to rip through the sports nutrition industry like a tornado. We are very proud to announce that we are releasing a product line of the highest quality CBD blends on this earth. Our mission statement for our company is health and wellness and through this series of articles we will combat and ultimately eliminate all negative stigmas of CBD by presenting knowledge, research, and facts!

Let me share with you a little history about CBD and explain what it is and what makes our CBD the best!

CBD Stands for cannabidiol which is the predominant compound in the cannabis plant. It makes up about 40 percent of the plant. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant, meaning it doesn't give you that “high” feeling caused by THC. Our CBD is exclusively extracted from the highest quality industrial hemp which means it is already high in CBD.

Our Products are 100% THC Free, which means you will pass a drug test 100 percent of the time. We take great pride in this. We have on-site chromatography to ensure this and we also send all of our products to a 3rd party for lab testing to verify this.

Our CBD is

-100% Organic

-THC Free

-Non GMO

-Solvent Free

Please ask any questions you may have! We would love to answer them!

Be on the look out for tons of more CBD content coming soon.