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It’s that time of year again. We all went into a hibernation commonly referred to as “bulking”. Unfortunately, the holiday season caused many of us to pile on a few extra, unexpected pounds. It happens to the best of us. No need to fret however, Max Effort is here to show you the perfect stack to help expedite the process of shedding that weight and jump start your journey toward your goals for 2018! Build your XL weight loss stack today and receive your 5 products plus a Free T Shirt.

Fat Burner: First up is the aptly named Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner. It says so right there on the label. This product is engineered to shred away that extra fat. By combining ingredients such as caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract and garcinia cambogia, to name a few, Max Effort has formulated the most effective and safe Fat Burner on the market! The ingredients work together to stimulate your metabolism and kick it into hyperdrive. By introducing these ingredients to the system, the release of catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine) is stimulated. The release of these catecholamines kicks everything in the body up a knotch, enabling you to burn more calories throughout the day and get more out of each workout. In addition, the Fat Burner works to inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids as functioning as an appetite suppressant to ward off unnecessary calorie consumption.

Max Crispy Treats: Speaking of hunger… Max Effort Muscle has the answer for that too. The number one reason people fail in their weight loss goals is because they are unprepared. They forget to prepare their meals or plan for what they will eat ahead of time. This leads to a spontaneous decision and a need to find something quick. Unfortunately, 99% of all food readily available on a lunch break is not exactly great for someone looking to optimize their health. The Max Crispy Treat is a delicious, readily available snack or meal replacement bar to fuel you through lunch without any guilt that usually comes with eating something this tasty. Loaded with 20 grams of protein and only 9 grams of sugar, a Max Crispy Treat is perfect for those days when you are running late and need to grab something on the go or feel you need something extra between meals.

Post Workout: Maybe it has been a little while since you last ventured to the gym, or maybe you are planning to take on a real brutal workout. Either way, you will be sore. It is going to hurt because training your muscles requires the destruction of the muscle tissue so that it can rebuild and come back bigger and stronger than before. The best way to mitigate the soreness and make your body stronger than before is by consuming Glutamine and the Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs), leucine, isoleucine and valine. Wouldn’t ya know it, the Max Effort Muscle Post Workout is loaded with all this! By consuming the post workout, you are increasing the concentration of amino acids in your muscles. Because amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, this leads to the increased protein synthesis. Increasing protein synthesis results in muscles rebuilding bigger, stronger and more quickly therefore healing faster than had you not ingested any BCAAs after your workout. Not to mention, the post workout is incredibly refreshing and can be consumed throughout the day for added benefits.

Pre-Workout: If you’re heading into the gym, especially if you don’t have the most experience, energy and focus is essential. Far too many people start their workout, begin to feel tired or a little lethargic then just pull out their phone and browse Instagram. Don’t let this happen to you! With the help of caffeine anhydrous (mentioned above) and citrulline malate you will be fueled up and ready to take on the world. Citruline malate works to produce more readily available energy. The amino acid citrulline aids lactate consumption and conversion to glucose for energy via a process known as gluconeogenesis. Gluconeogenesis is the process of forming glucose from non-glucose molecules such as lactate, to later be converted to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy molecule in the body. In addition, the Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout enhances nitric oxide development. This acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the muscles and therefore providing the muscles with more oxygen.

Protein: The Max Effort Muscle Protein is not only delicious but is the only Tri-Blend Protein available! This means Max Effort has combined whey concentrate, isolate and casein proteins in a 1:1:1 ratio. Consuming protein after workout is another way to increase the concentration of amino acids in the muscle to promote a speedy recovery and stimulate muscle growth. Whey protein, namely concentrate, is a denatured version of whey protein. Meaning, it is already broken down to an extent. Typically, the body has to completely breakdown the nutrients in order to make use of them. Whey concentrate expedites the process enabling the body to more readily use the proteins for rebuilding muscle. The beautiful thing about Max Effort’s Tri-Blend Protein is that it is also an excellent choice as mid-day snack or meal replacement. Casein protein is more slowly digested and releases throughout the day. The delayed release does not hinder the ability of the muscle to utilize the nutrients. In fact, when in combination with a Whey protein it has been shown to enhance the muscles ability to grow and recover. By supplementing with both Casein and Whey you are able to send a continuous supply of amino acids to the muscle even after the Whey protein has been used up.


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