Vacation Training: Staying Fit While Enjoying Yourself

Dustin Myers


It always amazes me when people train super hard before vacation, then leave for their trip and don’t workout until they return.  Even some that try to stick to a training plan on vacation inevitably follow a familiar trend:  a big workout on the first day, maybe a quick pump at the hotel gym the second day, then nothing.  Remember, you train because you love the actual process, not just the end result of looking better or being stronger.  How do you avoid falling into a laziness trap when out of town?


Step 1: Change it up.

Any hotel gym (or random out of town gym, unless you get lucky) is not going to have the equipment you are used to, so trying to stick to your normal schedule may be pointless.  Instead of whining that you can’t find a Monolift and bands, try doing some super high rep time under tension squats with a set of dumbbells.


Step 2: Integrate training into your activities

What do you like to do on vacation?  Find a way to weave your workouts into those activities.  I love spending time with family at the beach and site seeing…so on my most recent trip I did Yoga with my Mom every morning during sunrise on the beach, went running on the boardwalk with my wife and found a pull up bar in the sand.  If you can make the training part of the vacation experience rather than a separate activity, then you are going to enjoy it more and will be less likely to skip it.


Step 3:  Maximize your time

Your friends and family may not love exercising as much as you and may feel like your workouts are competing for your attention while on vacation - so don’t spend 3 hours at the local gym, no matter how cool it is.  Get in and out quick and plan short intense workouts so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Here was what I did on vacation last week.  Notice I didn’t lift a single weight the entire week.  It was a good change of pace to just train out side and get a good pump and sweat.  The weights felt heavy this morning but it felt good to be home and back at Old School Gym. 

Check out the video from Friday’s dynamic sand circuit



5pm -

3 mile run

Core/glute circuit




Yoga - 30 minutes


1 mile run

Muscle Ups - 5 sets

Pull-ups 15/Skull crushers 20 x 5 sets

1 mile run




Yoga - 30 minutes


1 mile run

Pull-ups 10/Pistols 10 per leg x 3 sets

Circuit: 5 sets:

5 muscle ups

Pop up/10 yard sand sprint

3 broad jumps

10 pull-ups

1/4 mile lunges



Yoga - 20 min


Pull-ups 10x10


5.5mile run




Yoga - 20min


1 mile run.

5 Muscle Ups/3 Broad Jumps x 3 sets.

10 Clockwork Pull Ups x 2 sets.

10 Shoulder Pull Ups x 2 sets.

10 Clap Pull Ups.

10 Pause Chin Ups.

10 regular Pull Ups.

5 sets of: plyo push ups/skull crushers/dips.

2 mile run




Yoga - 20 minutes


Pull ups 5x10

Lunges 15 minutes

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