Two Things That Have Helped My Squat Tremendously

Cory Gregory


#1 Volume on the Back Extensions

Many people do back extensions, but a lot of people don’t REALLY do back extensions.  It’s like when some people say they can hear the music and some people are listening to the music.  Many aimlessly hop on and go through the motions, hoping or expecting to get some benefit. 


I would urge you to put some SERIOUS work on your weighted back extensions.  It has allowed me to grind through some huge weights while keeping me more upright in my squats.  My #4amcrew at Old School has experienced the same results, and it definitely shows.


With weighted back extensions, you can vary your reps by going up to a heavy set of 5 reps for example.  Maybe you are doing higher volume or adding a plate each set to make it more challenging, it just depends on the day.  I would incorporate weighted back extensions into your routine five to six days per week.

#2 Weighted Crunches

On the flip side we have weighted crunches.  The Ab Crunch is one of the most popular ab exercises out there, however not many out there ADD WEIGHT.  By adding weight behind your head, you are making your abs thicker and stronger.  Start with the plate behind your head, completing 4-5 sets of 25 reps.  The result will be better stabilization in your core, and you’ll be able to create much more pressure when pushing into your belt.


The volume from these two movements will help you be much more stable under heavy weight.  Not only will these two movements help your lifts go up, it will serve as an insurance policy to help prevent future injuries. 


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