TRX Triceps & Biceps Workout

Chady Dunmore


We all know strong, toned arms are nice to look at, but there’s more to arm training than meets the eye.

TRX Suspension Training has been a go-to workout tool for personal trainers, top athletes and celebrities everywhere. Suspension Training was initially conceived of as a way for Navy SEALs to stay in shape while deployed in austere conditions with minimal gear, time or space. Now you can find these black and yellow straps in almost any gym.

Add this workout to your strength-training regimen to get a taste of how suspension training can take your fitness to the next level.

TRX Bicep curls and Triceps Extension TRX at mid-level (gym alternative-rope press)

8 -10 reps of Bicep curls & Tricep extensions.

Perform a biceps exercise followed by a triceps exercise for a front-to-back arm super set. Rest for no more than 30 seconds!

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