Treadmill Torture

Dustin Myers


One of my favorite forms of conditioning is running hill sprints.  Unfortunately, here in Ohio, the weather is not ideal this time of year for outdoor running.  That leads us to everyone’s least favorite gym apparatus, the treadmill.  Although the incline on a treadmill is a poor substitute for an actual hill, it does have some advantages, namely that you can utilize precise speed and time intervals on your sprint work.  Here is one of my favorite incline sprint workouts.  Make sure to adjust the speed accordingly based on your conditioning and experience level.  I always complete all 20 sprints at 10mph.  On the incline walk at the end, I strive to keep the speed at a constant 3.0mph, but may occasionally drop it to 2.7mph if I’m struggling to keep up.  Good luck!

1. Warm Up:  Jog 5 minutes, stretch

2. Sprint Work

A. 10% Incline

Speed: 8-10mph (advanced), 6-8mph (beginner)

20 seconds on/40 seconds rest  x 10 Sprints

B. 5% Incline

Speed: 8-10mph (advanced), 6-8mph (beginner)

40 seconds on/20 seconds rest  x 10 Sprints

3. Speed Walk

C. 15% Incline

Speed 2.5-3mph

20 minutes

Start with a warm up jog for 5 minutes then stretch your calves and hip flexors.  Set the incline to 10% and the appropriate speed, and do 10 sprints for 20 seconds, with a rest of 40 seconds between each.  Leave the treadmill running and grab the side rails to carefully step on and off during intervals.  Immediately after your 10th sprint lower the incline to 5% and sprint 10 more times for an interval of 40 seconds on, with 20 seconds rest between each.  After the final sprint, take the incline up to 15% and walk at a constant pace for 20 minutes.

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