Treadmill Shuffle Challenge

Dustin Myers


1 minute Side Shuffle (right) 2-2.5mph

1 minute Back Pedal 2-2.5mph

1 minute side Shuffle (left) 2-2.5mph

2 minute Run 10mph

x 3-5 rounds

Try this multi directional drill for a good change up.  Start with a treadmill running at a slow 2-2.5mph.  Turn to 1 side and shuffle for 1 minute.  Carefully transition to a backpedal for 1 minute, then turn to the opposite side for a 1 minute shuffle.  Once the all 3 directions are complete, turn to the front and turn the speed up to 10mph and run for 2 minutes (including the time it takes for the treadmill speed to increase from 2 to 10mph).  Take the speed back down to 2mph and repeat the cycle for 3 - 5 rounds.

Note: always grab the side rails while transitioning to a different direction, letting go once you have found your rhythm and balance.

Dustin Uses the Max Effort Post Workout to Recover From This Workout