Training For Specific Opponents

Clay Guida


Properly training for a variety of opponents is very important and extremely calculated.

I've always believed that a Coaching Staff is equivalent to a Team of Scientists, and once the Bout Agreement is signed, the Science Project starts. 
This usually begins with a 2-3 hour film session of previous bouts on the upcoming opponent and my past bouts as well, to see what adjustments and improvements need to be made to be victorious. We literally take notes while we breakdown the films like NFL Coaches, and start setting up Game Plan and Fight Specific Training. 

Each Coach has their specific role  which is related to their background. For example, The Head Coach has an overall General Idea of how Training Camp is going to be ran, and communicates to the rest of the Staff about their expectations and responsibilities. 

My Wrestling Coach focuses on my takedowns, defense etc...
My Striking Coaches are in charge of all around Boxing and Muay Thai skills. 
My Jiujitsu Coaches are responsible for All Grappling, Ground and Pound, and  submission protocols. 
Finally my Strength and Conditioning Coach puts me through high intensity speed, power and agility training to go 110 MPH on FIGHTNIGHT.

To sum it up, The Coaching Staff is the NASA Rocket Scientists and Engineers, and Their Athlete is Their Experiment. Fight Night is when you get to see the Final Product which is Lift Off. 

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