Training With Bands

Cory Gregory


Squatting and lifting with bands was made popular by the famous Westside Barbell founder, Louie Simmons in the early ’90’s.  There’s a company called Jump Stretch, founded in 1980 by Ohio native Dick Hartzell, that revolutionized band training.  Dick was super flexible, and is one of the guys that didn’t get as much credit as you should have for band training.  Louie had met Dick, and took some of his jump stretch bands home to see how he could apply them to his training program.

I believe the Soviets used some sort of band training or accommodating resistance, but I don’t believe it was set up in the same manner as how Louie used them.  Louie coined the term ‘Overspeed Eccentrics’, which causes you to descend faster because of the tension, followed by you exploding through the bands.  The result is an increase in power and force development because of the added tension pulling you down.

What I particularly like about bands is that it trains and tricks the body into becoming stronger.  When it comes time to take the bands off, you feel like you can explode out of the hole, which helps you bust through plateaus.  I believe it’s a great cycle for your body to go through a few times per year to switch it up.  Bands are straight trickery, and will help you development more force production with your lifts.


Setting Up Bands

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