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You really want to liven up your next game of beer pong???  Take some red solo cups and throw some Max Effort Pre Workout in those bitches.  5 scoops to be exact but who's really keeping track?  Presto!  We introduce you to the Max Effort version of pong, Pre Workout Pong.  Now 10 out of 10 doctors would not recommend this.  That is why we brought in a group of highly trained athletes to rack up the cups and go head to head in an intense, head rushing, face clawing, body jittering battle.  As you will see, this game it not for the faint of heart.  With every ball sunk brings a new level of hype and the more you drink the more you feel like you can take on the world.  We're talking more hype than Kevin Garnett 2008 NBA Finals "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!" kinda hype.  

Watch as superstar Cory Gregory goes head to head with rival beer pong turned Pre Workout Pong athlete Jacob Pontius.  As well as one hell of a battle between young superstar Jeremy Hanna taking on Alex Wehri in an epic showdown that has the Pre Workout Pong world in awe!  We highly recommend you giving her a watch and who knows????  Maybe you too could be slamming cups on the main stage one day playing Pre Workout Pong????



Here at Max Effort Muscle we like to have fun in the office.  It's not uncommon for us to break out the old bat and ball to play a nice friendly game of wiffle ball.  The competition is high and the stakes are even higher.  But man, when the pitcher donks one off your noggin it turns into a WWE No Holds Barred Match and it's every man for himself!  Check out what happened when we decided to turn the cameras on during our last game.

Cory Gregory was on the mound pitching when he tried to back old Jacob Pontius off the plate.  Let's just say things got ugly real quick when young up and coming star Jeremy Hanna took a boot square to the chest.  I'll tell you this just isn't something you see everyday.  We are waiting to hear if there will be any fines handed out but one thing is for sure that everyone made it out injury free.  This brawl could go down as one of the worst of all time.  We highly recommend you checking it out and do not advise on trying this at home!



Remember back in the day playing backyard football with your friends or maybe the neighborhood kids?  If you're like us you probably miss those days in the backyard.  We have found the solution to fix those long days in the offices reminiscing on the good times from your childhood.  We introduce to you the adult version of backyard football, OCFL (Office Chair Football League)!!!!  Now I know what you are thinking, How the hell do you play football in an office chair????  Pretty simple really.  Just get couple of your bestest buddies, a couple office chairs, and nice open area in the office to smash the shit out of each and you're good!  Don't think this is going to be a friendly game foosball.  When you put a group of competitive guys together, things can get interesting very quickly.....

Cory Gregory was all time quarterback and put together a stellar performance that has NFL scouts on watch.  Jacob and Alex were proven to be a dynamic duo that many sources are calling the greatest of all time in the OCFL (Office Chair Football League.)  Jeremy and Landon, two speedy golfers, have taken there talents to south beach to see how they match up in the OCFL.  This was a hard hitting match-up with plenty of action that will have you on the edge of your seat.  By the way, rolling around in an office chair will blow the shit out of your hammies.  Just sayin.  Anyway, highly recommend checking the vid out.  Pretty good stuff here



What happens when you combine pumpkins and the Olympics???? You get the Max Effort Pumpkin Games of course!  Cory and the Max Effort Office Dudes put their skills to the test in 5 pumpkin filled events to show just what they are all about. 

Event 1 was Pumpkin Shot Put and to be honest the technique used to slang these pumpkins was nothing short of impressive.

Event 2 was Pumpkin Keg Toss which turned into something out of pumpkin horror movie.

Event 3 was probably everyones favorite because they got to eat mother flippin pie in the Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest!!!  Plus they washed the goods down with some good old Lemonade Post Workout.  

Event 4 was Pumpkin Home Run Derby to see how far they could launch some mini pumpkins off the bat.  Furthest piece wins!

Event 5 was MERICA!!!!!!!!!!!  Mother Flippin Pumpkin Target Practice Boys!!!!!!!!  Watch as the guys pop off a couple rounds into some pumpkins with the most pumpkins hit wins!!!!  This event was the grand finally which you're not gonna want to miss!!!!  Shooters Shoot!!!!  It's time to get it!  Click that darn play button for America!!!!



elcome to the NEW Max Effort Gym Fails Of The Week with your host Cory Gregory!  Cory is joined in the studio by Jacob Pontius, Jeremy Hanna, and Alex Wehri.  This week the guys are breaking down some great fails that just happened to be caught on video.  Out of the gate a very confident old girl thinks she's got it all figured on the GHD but after second guessing herself the gravitational force we all know and love got the best of her.  Next we head to the hills of West Virginia where we find some good old boy having a little fun back in the hollers until Junior grabbed a workout ball and told Jim Bob to get the truck.  If you listen closely you can here Junior say "Hold my beer and watch this."  Now we can neither confirm nor deny that alcohol was involved in this video but all sign have pointed to yes.  

They rolled into another video where an amazing acrobatic performance on the beach that took a turn for the worst after Evil Knievel lunched himself off of a make shift trampoline in the sand.  And last but not least they dug up and old video from when John Fosco tried spotting Jacob Pontius on the smith machine bench press.  Now if you ask John about this he will deny it till the cows come home but we have the video to prove it.  John has stated that his best bench press came on the smith machine with 405lbs.  Oh yea and they also ran into a dynamic butterfly at the end.  If you are looking for a good laugh, highly recommend giving this baby a watch.  If you have any Epic Gym Fails make sure to either DM us or tag us @maxeffortmuscle


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