Tips To Avoid Weight Gain On Vacation

Cory Gregory


The number one key is to pass on the bread. Bread is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to society being overweight. I know it tastes good; I know that when you go out to dinner and put butter on it that it tastes amazing. I’m Italian, I think about bread all the time! But I’ve gotten out of the area of eating it for so many years because I know the way my body reacts to it. However, when on vacation, people tend to consume high amounts of bread. Whether it’s sandwiches they don’t normally eat, pizza multiple times or anything else, I would strongly advise to pass on the bread. That key alone can help minimize weight gain on vacation.

The second key would be to make sure that you eat an all protein breakfast. Eating just bacon and eggs everyday will save you so many more calories to eat throughout the day. No pancakes, no waffles and stuff like that, just bacon and eggs. Keep it simple.

And then number three is to keep sugary drinks to a minimum. It’s no secret that I like beer just like the next guy; even mixed drinks like rum and coke or things like that. But the pina coladas or others with those sugary mixes are so loaded up. I get it though, that’s the type of things people like. However, I’d recommend sticking to beer. I know that’s what I preach for my vacation rules where I drink beer every day on vacation. Just focus on keeping those overly sugary drinks out of your diet altogether.

These three keys will have you feeling way better after coming off vacation. It’s much easier to manage just a few things and it will ultimately help you not come back up ten pounds.

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